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3 Ways to Get your Medicare

Whether you choose traditional Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Product or Medicare and a Supplement, we will meet with you at your convenience, to discuss what works for you.

Moving to AZ

If you already have Medicare but are new to AZ your coverage may not be portable.  Contact us and we can check your plan as it applies to AZ.

Do You Need Medicare?

At 65 years of age, most people are eligible for Medicare. But there are many considerations when signing up for Medicare. We can speak with you about your individual needs and determine if now is time for you to sign up.

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What our clients say

Denise was so helpful when I moved into Tucson. Not only did she fine me the perfect plan, she helped me find a doctor who was accepting new patients!
Mary Lou Skillin Happy Customer
Denise helped take the confusion out of signing up for Medicare. I really appreciate her personal attention with such a confusing process.
John Skillin Appreciative Client

About us

Denise Early has over 12 years experience in the Medicare Health Insurance business. She has been featured on NPR radio and publishes an ongoing Medicare Blog to update the public about changes to Medicare. Peg Cass has been working in the health insurance business for 3 years and is a retired paramedic.

Latest News About Medicare

New Medicare Cards

Since Medicare began, when a new beneficiary receives their card, the number on that card is their social security number followed by a letter, usually A or B, but sometimes other letters. Unfortunately, if a card is lost, there is the potential for your social security number to get into the hands of dishonest people. In 2015, the the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act was passed to make seniors less […]

Will Medicare Change?

Medicare is a government program enacted under President Johnson in 1965 as many seniors could not get health insurance due to their health conditions, or exhorbitant premiums.

United Health Care Contract Dispute

Uh oh.  A  UnitedHealthcare  contract dispute with Northwest Healthcare is going to cause problems for lots of people who live on the northwest side of Tucson. Northwest Healthcare owns Oro Valley Hospital, Northwest Medical Center, and Northwest Allied Physicians. For more information read Denise’s post

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