Moving to Tucson and your Medicare

I recently learned that Tucson AZ has the largest population per capita of residents over 65 years of age compared to 10 other western cities of similar size. And that is year round population, at 18.4% of all ages. So Tucson is not just a snow bird town, but a town where many seniors come to stay year round. If you are moving to Tucson, over 65, and enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have to change if you haven’t already. We can help you with that.

Tucson has many Medicare Advantage Plans to choose from and that can be confusing to some and annoying to others. Because of the competition for Medicare dollars in the Medicare Advantage Market, plans in Tucson are $0 dollar premium plans. Yes, you will have copays, and coinsurance, different in different plans, but you pay no premium for your Medicare Advantage Plan in Tucson. I recently met with a woman who is moving to Tucson and is evaluating Medicare Advantage vs Supplements. Her husband was already enrolled in an Advantage plan in Oregon and had a premium of $67. She was surprised there was no premium for Advantage plans offered here.

This has nothing to do with Medicare Supplements which all have a premium.

So if you are moving, remember to give social security your new address. And make sure if you are in an advantage plan, you contact your current Advantage plan and let them know you are moving. You will have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to change your coverage.   If you notify the plan before you move, your SEP timeframe is four months long.  It begins one month before the month you move and lasts for three more months after that. If you notify your plan after you move, you can switch plans the month you provided notice of the move and up to two months after that. Or you can switch back to original Medicare.

So welcome to the Old Pueblo! And if you need help with your choices, we represent all the Medicare Advantage Plans offered in Tucson.

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