Enrolling in Medicare can be very confusing. We are sure your mailbox is full of company materials to enroll in their plans. Where do you start? Whether you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare only, or Medicare plus a supplemental policy depends on many things. That’s where we can help. We will sit down and speak with you about your doctors and if you want to keep them once you enroll in Medicare. How about your hospital choices? Do you prefer one over another? What medications are you on? Do you live in Tucson year round or are you a snowbird? Finally, do you qualify for financial assistance with your Medicare Part B premium or your drug costs? We are independent agents who believe that no one plan, or type of plan, fits all. We are contracted with all the Medicare Advantage plans in AZ and many supplemental plans, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, AARP/United, Medico, Aetna and Humana to name a few. We do this because we don’t want to steer you to a plan that doesn’t take all your wants and needs into consideration. We are paid commission by the insurance companies, so our time costs nothing to you. Finally, once you choose your plan, we are always there if you have questions. We recently spent over 3 hours with a client to sort out bills that they should never have received, saving them over $3000. We are not here just to sign you up. Plans change every year and we will follow you along the way. Please contact us first. It will save you time. We can explain the plans and the process. It is always nicer to talk to a real person when making important decisions about your health insurance. We are local and we are available.