Tucson tops AZ cities in number of Seniors

I attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning, where Jennifer Pullen from the University of AZ gave the members a very interesting presentation about how Tucson ranks in categories including cost of living, median home prices, age of residents, job growth, health of residents to name just a few. It was fascinating.Some things were surprising (we lead the rest of AZ and the US with people over 65 at 18.4 %) and some things were not as surprising, such as how little we pay our teachers (we rank last as compared to 12 metropolitan areas in the Western US ) and average of $20,000 less than the rest of the US at $38,250 per year. The website is www.mapazdashboard.arizona.edu and you could spend hours perusing statistics and articles contained on the site. Of interest to me, was the fact that Tucson ranks 4th out of the 12 cities measured in primary care physicians per population.

As an independent insurance broker, we sometimes need to assist our clients who are new to Tucson find a primary care provider. It is nice to know that we are faring better than other cities in that statistic.

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